I don't need nobody

Thanks to another stupid viral tweet, yesterday I found myself watching old music videos, expecting no more that tickling my nostalgia.

Then No Good by Prodigy came up, and even though I first watched it more than 20 years ago, this time it was like one of these stereoscopic pictures popping up at you after you've already stared at them for too long.

Let's have a look!

Four people enter the basement. They are new here and are excited about what they are about to experience.

Everyone there is dancing, and it feels impossible not to join in. The four friends do not stay together for long, and soon they wander away in different directions.

One guy (Leeroy) starts dancing. He does it very well, and completely blends in - if anything still makes him stand out, it's his skill and determination.

Another one (Maxim) doesn't dance and just sits down, but the camera focuses on him and his glowing eyes. It feels he assumed the position of power here, where he now clearly belongs, and even though he isn't one of the dancers, he somehow controls the place now.

The next one (Keith) joins the party as well, but his moves are too different and weird, so he quickly gets subdued and put in a box. He is rejected, and the rave goes on without him.

Finally, there is someone (Liam) who doesn't pay attention to the crowd at all. He walks through it until he's alone in the room, and in the end smashes the wall with a sledgehammer.


What we see here is four common ways to live your life: the first one that is just just being normal (and there is nothing wrong with that, dancing is fun!) - and three alternatives to that.

The next one is seizing the underlying controls (that quite possibly corrupt you, those glowing eyes can't be a good sign) and controlling the game. And finally, we have two ways to rebel: when you fail, you fail hard, and yet sometimes you do get to smash a wall (although not necessarily getting out of the basement still).

Choose wisely.

Yuriy Akopov

Yuriy Akopov

London, UK
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